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TechPhantomReviewer will be streaming on Twitch Oct. 4-6 8PM CT USA

October 3, 2013

Come join me over the weekend for some Dark Souls quality weapons testing and chat on all things Dark Souls! I plan to stream at least 2 hours but will go as long as it’s fun for everyone.  My twitch channel is  I will be streaming Oct. 4-6 starting at 8 PM CT USA.


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  1. Domino permalink

    Hey TPR! Well, after thousands and thousands of hours in Dark Souls, I was finally able to parry on a consistent basis, and solo cutting of Kalameet’s tail, as well as NG+7 without cheating thanks to all of your advice (see my past posts). DS is a total masterpiece, but DS2 can NOT come out any sooner!

    I’m assuming that you’ll be posting videos on DS2? I will not watch your or anyone’s walkthrough as I want to play the game cold to avoid any surprises. I mean, as a new gamer, I was not confident in my gaming skills, so I used a lot of walkthroughs for Demon’s and Dark Souls.

    But I’ll definitely watch your videos once I beat the game!!!

    Thanks so much again TPR!

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