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Things every techie should know

January 13, 2012

I will be expanding my blog with a new category of things every techie should know.  Techies are expected to know certain things:

– Info on the latest and greatest electronic gadgets (cell phones, TV’s, laptops) and software

– Tech support for friends and family for anything that has an ON/Off button or can be clicked

– Interesting tidbits and opinions on the past, present and future of tech

However, there are some non-tech-related things that a techie should know, even if he is not expected to know.  I am talking about how to change a tire, how to cook a simple meal, how to buy wine, etc.  Knowledge is power, and, fun.  So, please read on my fellow techie, if you want to expand your horizons beyond the world of 0’s and 1’s.


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