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TechPhantomReviewer Rating Scale

February 13, 2012

Here is the rating scale I will be using to pass judgement on all things tech related:

Excellent – everything you wanted and more, delivers on all fronts, highest quality, worth a high price of admission, a must-have (think of it as an awesome barista creation, on a cold day, in front of a roaring fire… with a free pastry)

Very Good – does what it’s supposed to with high quality and ease of use, offers good value, outperforms most other options (think it of as a premium cup of coffee on a cold day with a cinnamon roll)

Good – does what it claims at an acceptable price but might be quirky (think of it as the daily coffee shop special with a bagel)

Acceptable – may not fully do what it’s supposed to, cheap, only worth it for urgent or one-time use (think of it as coffee from your fave fast food chain)

Don’t bother – does not do what it claims, broken interface, very cheap and low quality, attempted use may result in heartburn and a ruined day (think of it as coffee and a day old donut from the gas station)


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