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Dark Souls Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

May 16, 2012

Dark Souls can be difficult.  The frequent deaths can lead to alternating bouts of controller-throwing rage tantrums, and thumb-sucking despair sessions crawled up in the fetal position and crying for “Mommy”.  Ah, but the pain and frustration pales to the glorious relief of finally dispatching a boss, and the nervous anticipation of newly opened-up ever more dangerous territories.  The game seemingly gives you no quarters.  You learn as you go.  It’s like learning to ride a bike but with no training wheels or helmet, while navigating a rocky downhill course.

But fear not, my fellow gamers.  The Tech Phantom is here to ease your pain and angst.  Below are my list of most useful tips, tricks and strategies to make progress through Dark Souls a bit less masochistic.  These are culled from my personal experiences with the game.  I have tried others but I keep coming back to these regardless of build type or walkthrough.

Here is my list.  I will be unveiling tip details and videos over the next few days.  Enjoy!

#10: Raid Valley of Drakes, Blighttown and The Great Hollow In Early Game

#9: Make a Magic Weapon As Early As Possible

#8: Get the Drake Sword and the Claymore Right Away

#7: Backstab, Backstab, Backstab

#6: Learn How To Easily Dispatch Ceaseless Discharge

#5: Choose The Master Key As Starting Gift

#4: Supercharge Your Attacks

#3: Maximize Use Of The Drake Sword and Hornet Ring

#2: Make A Fire Weapon As Early As Possible

#1: Open Up and Farm Darkroot Garden as Early as Possible


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