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Dark Souls Top Ten Tips – #9 Make a Magic Weapon As Early As Possible

May 17, 2012

Starting weapons for most characters are puny and require upgrades at a blacksmith before becoming useful.  The lack of a strong starting weapon accentuates the difficulty in early game, where even the lowliest of enemies can kill you after a few hits.  It can be frustrating to repeat the beginning levels as you master the gameplay and controls but are killed repeatedly.  There are 2 options for starting the game with a much stronger weapon.  The first is to play as the Cleric and get Astora’s Straight Sword (see tip #10 for details).  You will be able to wield this sword after a couple of quick upgrades to Dexterity; but be warned that this sword is not useful beyond early game.  The second and better option is to make a magic weapon.  Use the method described here to ascend your starting weapon or any one available in early game (Estoc, Zweihander, Uchigatana or Claymore).  The Uchigatana is a good choice as a magic weapon because it is relatively light, a strong consideration for magic builds (typically Endurance-challenged).  This weapon also has a superior move set.  If enchanted, it will deal significant damage at high Intelligence levels so it can “grow” along with your character.  The key is to raid Blighttwon for souls and the green titanite shard.  Then, take the backdoor route to Andre of Astora and upgrade your weapon to +5.  Finally, head back to Firelink Shrine and have Rickert of Vinheim ascend it to magic.  Here is my video showing you how to make a magic uchigatana in about the first 15 minutes of the game.


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