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Dark Souls Tips #6: Learn How To Easily Dispatch Ceaseless Discharge (+ The Large Flame Ember)

May 25, 2012

Ceaseless Discharge is one of the tougher enemies in the game.  He has a massive amount of health and his hits can take big chunks out of your life bar.  The normal strategy is to use the U-shaped path to shield you, bait him to attack and then quickly dash forward and hit him with your strongest weapon.

However, there is a much quicker and safer way to dispose of him.  You don’t even need a weapon.  You must run up to the body in the altar and collect the Gold-Hemmed Black Set to aggro him.  You then make a mad dash towards the fog door.  Be careful at the very start since he can hit you with his first swing if you are too close. If you reach the fog door before he can attack you again, he will impale himself on a broken column and let you attack him freely.  A few hits with any weapon, even your bare fists, will end the fight and gain you 20,000 souls.

To maximize use of this tip, take on Ceaseless Discharge immediately after you defeat Quelaag.  But wait, there’s more!  The true adventurer will go even further.  Once Ceaseless is dead, the lava preventing entrance to the Demon Ruins will clear.  You can continue your run past a Minor Capra Demon, 2 Minor Taurus Demons and 4 Burrowing Rockworms on your way to the Large Flame Ember.  You can then teleport back to the last bonfire.  I recommend the Dark Wood Grain Ring, Grass Crest Shield and Vitality of at least 20 to make sure you are not killed instantly if hit.  If you don’t have the ring, make sure your equipment load is at less than 25%.

Watch this video that starts immediately after the Quelaag fight, to show you how to make the run (it is actually a continuation of the upcoming video for Tip #4).  The trickier parts are on your way to the large flame ember.  Use double rolls to evade the first Minor Taurus Demon and Burrowing Rockworm, and double roll again past the second Minor Taurus Demon.

If you can make the run successfully, you will have 40,000 souls, Quelaag’s Soul and the Large Flame Ember.  I like to use the souls to level up and upgrade equipment, return to Blighttown to farm green titanite from the Giant Leeches, and then head down the Catacombs to make a strong fire weapon.  Use this tip to massively power up your character and get ready to breeze through Senn’s Fortress.


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