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Dark Souls – Make a Fire Washing Pole +10 (and other +10 Fire Weapons)

June 21, 2012

(Here is the playlist for making a Fire Washing Pole +10).

Dark Souls allows for different types of damage.  You can choose from fire, lightning, magic, divine or physical damage.  Magic, divine and physical damage scale with an appropriate stat (INT, FAI, STR/DEX respectively).  So, a magical build with high intelligence will do more damage with an enchanted weapon than any other type of build.  These types of weapons, which I will call “scaleable” for simplicity, build up slowly over the course of the game as the related STAT is increased.  In essence magic and divine weapons need to be upgraded twice: first the weapon itself must be upgraded directly; second, the related stat must be raised to further increase the bonus to the damage rating.

Fire and lightning damage (“non-scaleable” damage), however, do not offer stat bonuses.  Even better, the damage rating of these types of weapons is quite large.  A +5 Enchanted sword requires very high intelligence to match the damage rating of a fully ascended fire or lightning sword.  A high level character will do the same amount of non-scaleable damage as a lowly build.  Astute Dark Souls players will take advantage of the high damage output of these weapons, whose only requirement is the ability to wield them.

Dark Souls allows you to make fire weapons much earlier in the game than lightning weapons.  Fire weapons are also slightly more powerful than their lightning cousins.  Other than Chaos Witch Quelaag and 2 optional bosses, all other bosses in the game can be tackled with a fire weapon.  Because fully ascending a weapon is a painfully slow and torturous process, it is very important to get the most value out of your ascended weapon.  Making a fire weapon should be your first priority in the game (but which one to ascend is up to you!).

My favorite weapon happens to be the Washing Pole.  This is a heavy, expensive, difficult to obtain and somewhat underpowered weapon.  But it more than makes up for these weaknesses, by offering the augmented range of a spear and the superior move set of the Uchigatana.  If you don’t know which weapon to ascend, here is a post with my recommendations.

The process for ascending a weapon to Fire +10 is described below:

– Get weapon

– Level up to meet weapon stat requirements

– Obtain enough souls to buy 9 titanite shards (7,200)

– Obtain enough souls to upgrade weapon to +5 (1,000 to 4,000 depending on the weapon)

– Visit Andre of Astora to upgrade weapon to +5

– Farm 10 green titanite shards from leeches in Blighttown

– Find Vamos in the Catacombs and ascend weapon to Fire

– Defeat Chaos Witch Quelaag (to open Ceaseless Discharge)

– Defeat Ceaseless Discharge (to open way to Large Flame Ember)

– Get the Large Flame Ember

– Get 2 Red Titanite Chunks from the Great Hollow

– Return to Northern Undead Asylum and kill the Black Knights for 2 Red Titanite Chunks

– Give Large Flame Ember to Vamos and upgrade weapon to Fire +8

– Defeat Smough and Ornstein (with your Fire weapon of course)

– Obtain the Lordvessel and place it in the altar

– Get 30 humanity

– Join Chaos Servant covenant and offer 30 humanity to unlock shortcut to Lost Izalith

– Unlock door in Demon Ruins leading to Lost Izalith

– Farm 5 Red Titanite Chunks from Chaos Eaters

– Find the Red Titanite Slab in the Lost Izalith swamp

– Upgrade weapon to Fire +10

– Take a break because you have done a lot!

Follow the link at the beginning of this post for the how-to video.  Feel free to comment on my method.  I hope this post and video help you during your travels through Dark Souls.

  1. runestalker permalink

    Thanks for the guide on how to make a fire washing pole. I sort of questioned whether it would be worth it, but decided to give it a shot just for fun. It was a blast and the washing pole is my new favorite weapon. I was able to get it done in under 2 hours, which was pretty good for me as I killed and gathered lots of stuff along the way rather than running through everything.

    I absolutely love your blog and videos. They’ve made my Dark Souls experience so much more enjoyable. You do a great job and deserve a lot of credit for the quality of your work. I hope the Views and Likes continue to grow so that you keep with it.

    Any thoughts on doing the same type of coverage for Demon’s Souls? 😉 I just recently picked that one up and started playing it. I might even be able to help out if you’d like.

    • Thanks. I am glad that the WP has another new fan. Make sure you max it out and use Power Within for late game unless you want boss fights to be extra challenging. I will have to think about Demon’s Souls. Because of the hub system, it is more difficult to hoard strong weapons early. Magic is also really strong and much more powerful than in Dark Souls. I am taking a 3 week “vacation” but will finish uploading the WP playthrough videos when I get back. I am thinking of doing a Level 1 guide after that. Let me know if it would be of interest.

  2. runestalker permalink

    I put the WP toon on hold for a bit. I think I got it to +8 fire and I also have a +5 lightning gargoyle halberd, which absolutely destroys everything so I’m trying not to use it. Lost Izalith is next though so I’ll have the WP to +10 shortly. I haven’t felt the need to rush the upgrade up to +10 just yet.

    A level 1 guide might be cool. I’m not sure it’s hugely different from a normal playthrough outside of being able to use just a few weapons (battle axe, reinforced club, and club I think?) and having very little room for error due to much lower health and stamina. There could be some advice to offer on other gear choices and different approaches to some bosses. I think there might be a lot of overlap with your previous guides on upgrading a fire weapon though and then it’s pretty normal. I tried a level 1 myself recently. I’m using a fire reinforced club. I think I’ve killed Nito and Seath, then I took a break on Bed of Chaos since I couldn’t seem to get past his swipes on the second orb. I’d love to know how you’d approach that fight in particular.

    A speed guide might be cool since there is a lot of planning required to identify the shortest path to the finish while evaluating risk vs. reward situations and whether it’s worth taking some detours to get specific weapons, rings, armor, and souls. I think I acquired the Lord Vessel in about 3 hours using the drake sword, lightning spear, and crystal halberd, but then I needed a break and haven’t played that one again. I’m playing way too many different toons, lol.

    • You are right on the Level 1 guide. It is basically a more disciplined application of whatever your favorite techniques and strategies are for getting through the game. If I was to make a Level 1 checklist it would look like this: One maxed out fire and lightning weapon, 20 estus flasks, Power Within, Iron Flesh, maxed out heavy armor with the Dark Wood Grain Ring, maxed out Grass Crest Shield, maxed out Pyro glove, Great Combustion, all 3 masks, the Ring of Favor and Protection, the Bellowing rings, the Hornet Ring and Havel’s ring. The equipment list above will allow you to play through the game at Level 1 as either a melee or pyro character. The challenge comes into having a really good strategy and executing it well during the boss fights. So, you figure out your strategy, pick the equipment and then try it out. If it works, then it is just a matter of execution, and for some bosses, not getting hit by the heaviest of attacks.

      The speed run guide is different. This is more of a pure test of your skills. The game actually gives you just enough equipment to allow you to progress without having to grind for loot. I am nowhere near as good as some of the folks that have posted speed runs and I have not found any other shortcuts. Besides, I cannot play without my Dark Wood Grain Ring so I always have to detour to get it. But, such is the beauty of the game… you can play it for the challenge alone, or for the online component, or just mess around with a favorite or whacked out build. Long live Dark Souls!!!!!

  3. knepsis permalink

    isn’t the centipede demon a required boss, that is immune to fire?

  4. Nice tips bro! 🙂
    Im going to build a Lightning Gargoyle Halberd and a Fire Washing Pole now. Any recommendation for the divine slot?

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