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Great Grey Wolf Sif Boss Fight

July 2, 2012

Here is the video of this sad, sad boss fight.

Washing Pole Strategy

This boss fight pulls at your heart strings.  Sif is such a cute looking puppy.  Why do we have to kill him? Why, I ask?  Well, the reason is simple.  We need him to drop the ring of the Covenant of Artorias to progress through the game.  Come here, puppy!

This canine is quite the swashbuckler.  His attacks are fast and he likes to jump away to avoid a counter.  His double sword swing is especially deadly and unblockable.  You need to roll pass his swing attacks and get underneath him.  Do as much damage as you can before he jumps away.

The extra horizontal and vertical reach of the washing pole are extremely helpful for this fight.  As his health dwindles, Sif will slow down both in movement and attack speed.  Eventually he will limp towards you when he is almost dead.  Wipe the tears from your eyes and put this dog down and out of his misery.

Other Strategies

He is weak to fire.  Lob fireballs at him when he is away.  If you happen to get underneath him, use combustion or great combustion for a quick kill.  You will need lots of healing items so make sure you are prepared before approaching the giant sword that marks the grave.

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