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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Seath The Scaless Boss Fight

July 3, 2012

In this video, we are trying not to lose our patience while attempting to chop off the tail of that SOB Seath.
Washing Pole Strategy
The quick strike ability of the washing pole is of paramount importance, along with its extended range on running attacks. It almost helps us keep our cool during, what has to be, the most annoying fight in Dark Souls, and a bit of a letdown boss encounter really.
First things firts. You must break the crystal shard in the back of the cave before Seath will take damage. He will be momentarily paralyzed after doing so. This is your chance to run to his middle tail (he has 3) and try to chop off the tip.
Your reward will be the Moonlight Greatsword, an excellent weapon for pure magic builds or spellswords. This weapon does all of its damage as magic. More importantly, it scales with intelligence at the highest possible rate after upgrading it to +1 with dragon scale. If you miss the drop, do not despair. The Magic Claymore weighs the same and has a higher damage rating because of its added physical damage output. By the way, to get the just about the most out of the Moonlight Sword, get your intelligence to 50. You will be able to cast every sorcery in the game, and the damage rating for the Moonligth Sword will be 480, which is ~93% of its potential rating with maxed out stats.
Enough about the sword; let’s get back to the business at hand which is terminating that gosh darn dragon. The annoying part of the fight is his continuous circling to prevent you from reaching his center tail. His smaller outside tails point straight out to the sides and are amazingly effective at keeping you from getting to the big tail and your prize. Be patient and try to keep up with him by lowering your equipment load or using the Dark Wood Grain Ring.
Once you have reached the center tail, nip at the tip once or twice and then get ready to run away, as Seath goes into a frenzied bout of ground stomps with all 3 tails. Repeat until you get the drop (watch the video to learn how).
If you are not interested in the sword, you still want to run around and take shots at his tail. If you proceed with this tactic, Seath will never unleash his dragon breath attack which can curse you and covers a very large section of the play area. He is very easy to kill with this method if you have a strong, highly upgraded weapon (you should by this time).
Other Strategies
Stick to lightning or fire, as he is more sensitive to these elementals than magic. Throwing a fireball may help you with the tail cut, as you do not have to be right on top of him. As long as you run around near the tip of his small tail, you won’t have to worry about any attacks and this will be an easy but disappointing fight.

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