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Dark Souls – Every Single Boss Fight With The Washing Pole (Videos Too!)

June 27, 2012

The Washing Pole is an Uchigatana on steroids or HGH.  It is much longer, heavier and requires high stats but it does the same amount of damage as an uchi.  Why would you want to use this weapon?  Because it combines the superior moveset of the uchi with the extended range and strike zone of a greatsword.  While it is much less powerful than the greatswords, the washing pole can be swung very quickly.  Score enough hits and you can unlock a bleed bonus.

We are going to face every single boss in Dark Souls, required and optional, with a fire or lightning washing pole.  Along the way, we will equip complimentary equipment such as the Grass Crest Shield, the Dark Wood Grain Ring and Havel’s Ring.   To make later boss fights more of a “risk-and-reward” gamble, we are going to buff the washing pole with Power Within, a long-acting and powerful sorcery that, alas also depletes our vitality while active.

Power Within is best used by agile Vitality builds with an unascended, base level Pyro Flame.  We’ll begin with the Pyromancer, and after meeting the stat requirements for the washing pole, we will concentrate on vitality and dexterity.

During our journey, we’ll discuss the merits of the washing pole and different boss strategies.  Enjoy and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts along the way.

Taurus Demon Boss Fight – Video

Strategy for Washing Pole

The range and quick-hitting ability of the washing pole are quite handy for the Taurus Demon.  This boss pauses after a failed attack leaving himself wide open for some quick hits.  Bait him to attack by closing in, walk or roll back as he swings and then counter.  If you are up close, you can safely roll into his side swings and then counter.  Make sure to take out the archers on the tower prior to starting the fight.

Other strategies

Do a plunging attack from the top of the tower to consume a large chunk of the boss life bar.  The Taurus Demon is very easy prey to ranged attacks.  Stand at a safe distance and lob firebombs, magic or pyromancies for a quick kill.

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