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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Bell Gargoyles

June 27, 2012

Here is the video of the boss fight with a Washing Pole +5.

Strategy for Washing Pole

This can be quite a punishing boss fight during your first few run throughs.  The key is to be well equipped.  Do not face the Bell Gargoyles without decent equipment.  Fire resistant gear will help, along with an upgraded weapon.  The Washing Pole +5 does a very respectable amount of damage for early game and it is perfect for this boss fight, especially if you can double-hand it when you actually attack.

If you chop the tail from the first gargoyle, you have a chance at a powerful early drop (cross your fingers for the Gargoyle Halberd).  Try to be as aggressive as possible with the first one, as a second one will spawn based on a pre-set time or event (enough damage on the first one).

The gargoyle halberd attacks can be dodged and immediately countered with the washing pole.  You will be doing much evading and countering so mind your stamina bar.  The fire breath attacks are telegraphed and easy to avoid.  But take too much time with the first one, and the second will make your life hell, literally.

Other strategies

Buff your weapon with fire or lightning for additional damage (they are especially sensitive to lightning).  Magicians need to have a good shield and evasive moves as the only chance to launch range attack is during their fire breath or while they fly.  Watch for their swinging tails when they are up on the air.  If they connect, you will be thrown into the air and stun locked for a bit.  Try to go through the fog door with as many Estus flasks as possible.

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