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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Ceaseless Discharge and Large Flame Ember

June 30, 2012

Here is the video for the Ceaseless Discharge boss fight and the path to the Large Flame Ember (starts at 1:10).

Strategy for Washing Pole

There is a scripted event in the game that allows you to kill Ceaseless Discharge without a weapon.  You must run to the altar and pick up the Gold-Hemmed Black Set, one of the best light armor sets in the game.  Ceaseless will agro and start chasing you.

If you can make it to the fog door and wait there before he chases you down, he will swing down and impale himself on some ruins (my interpretation of what happens).  He is then vulnerable and a few hits even with your bare fists will end the fight.

I always recommend that you immediately continue to the Large Flame Ember.  There is a bonfire on the way that can be used for upgrading.  Follow the path shown in the video.  Use rolls to evade the Minor Taurus Demons.  Vamos can upgrade +5 fire weapons to +10 with the Large Flame Ember.

Other strategies

After Ceaseless aggros and begins to chase you, take cover in the looped path.  Bait him into attacks.  His outstretched arm will be vulnerable for just a few moments.  Use a weapon with high physical damage, make sure your armor and shield are strong, and carry a lot of Estus flasks.  His arm pound has an AOE fire effect and will do a lot of damage even when shielded.  Be patient when you attack and do not try to engage him out on the open.  Ranged attacks with magic work well.

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