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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Iron Golem Boss Fight

June 30, 2012

Here is the video for the Iron Golem. The inset video show how to take out the Giant prior to the boss fight.
Strategy for Washing Pole
The range and strike zone of the washing pole are of great use versus this very slow but powerful boss. Prior to entering the fog door, go up the stairs and take out the Giant. Otherwise he will hurl boulders on one side of the boss fight area.
Do no lock on to the Iron Golem. If you do, you may not notice how close you are to the edges of the tower. Some areas are not walled and you could fall to your death.
The Iron Golem has a lot of health and strong armor. Attack his ankles while you avoid his pounding, grabbing attacks and axe swings. It is possible to roll in between his legs but if the timing is not right, he will grab you and do his best imitation of the Hulk. After you have done enough damage to his legs, he will be staggered. Press your attack and he will fall down and be completely vulnerable to attacks.
After being stunned, he may fall off the tower if he is close to the edge when knocked down (see how in the video).
Other strategies
He has a ranged attack from his axe that spreads out in front of him. He may use this attack while you are far away. However it is easy to dodge and because he is slow, you should have no problems locking on and launching magic, pyromancies or arrows. The length of the battle will depend on the strength of your ranged attacks.

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