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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Gaping Dragon

June 30, 2012

A video in my series showing you how to defeat every single boss in Dark Souls with a washing pole, my favorite weapon in the game.

Here is the video for the Gaping Dragon boss fight.  The PIP video inset shows how to locate and kill the Channeler in the balconies overlooking the boss fight area.

Strategy for the Washing Pole

Prior to the boss fight, eliminate the Channeler lying in wait in the balconies. Otherwise, He will pepper you with Soul Arrow during the boss fight.  The range of the washing pole will help you stay at a relatively safe distance from the Gaping Dragon.  The simplest and most effective strategy is to keep to the back of the boss.  Make sure you can move quickly by reducing your equipment load or wearing the Dark Wood Grain Ring.

Your first target is the tail.  The Gaping Dragon has a very long tail and will swipe it.  Chop it off to receive the Dragon King Greataxe.  This is a powerful but very heavy weapon with high strength requirement (50 STRE).

With the tail out of the way, you can concentrate on the dragon’s rump.  Watch the moving legs since they can damage you as he moves them about.  Periodically, he will fly up and in an attempt to face you.  He will follow up by rearing its head back and smash down with his tooth-filled maw.  The dragon may also charge forward.  He has a long recovery time after these moves and is vulnerable to attacks.  During his recovery, you can also heal, run to his back or even use repair powder on your weapon.  Katana’s are vulnerable to his acid spew attack which can damage armor as well.

Other strategies

Bring an upgraded weapon to chop his tail off.  Then, switch to ranged attacks but make sure you position yourself to his back.  Magic or pyromancies will keep you at a safe distance away from his legs and make this an easy fight.

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