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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Capra Demon Boss Fight

June 28, 2012

Here is the video for the Capra Demon boss fight.

Strategy for Washing Pole

The Capra Demon is guarded by 2 undead attack dogs.  You need to take care of them first.  Otherwise they will nip at your heels, or worse, they could make locking onto the Capra Demon problematic.  Make sure you have a weapon that will one-hit-kill them.  You will have plenty of practice since the path to the fog door is defended by both dogs and assassins.

The Capra Demon has very strong and rangy attacks.  His weapon is quite heavy and he likes to two-hand it for normal and strong attacks.  His tw0handed attacks will break your guard and do heavy damage.  The washing pole can be used to strike at him in between his attacks.  Back up with your shield raised and keep your distance while waiting for an opening.  He is sensitive to fire.

Other strategies

The stairs can be used to gain some distance from the Capra Demon to either heal or to launch ranged attacks.  You might even be able to do a plunging attack to score extra damage.  Equip your most stable shield and strong armor.  Higher level characters with a lot of vitality can go toe -to-toe with him after casting Iron Flesh, but equipment is important in this fight.

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