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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Four Kings

July 4, 2012

Here is the video where we face the 4 Kings of New Londo Ruins.
Washing Pole Strategy
You want to go into this fight as well equipped as possible:
Fire weapon (Fire Washing Pole +10) – check
Magic resist shield (Grass Crest or Crest Shield) – check
Magic resist armor (Anitiquated or Havel’s set) – check
Ring #1 Dark Wood Grain Ring – check
Ring #2 Covenant of Artorias – check?????
That is correct. Those wonderful people over at From Software have decided to handicap the fight by forcing you to wear the ring of the Covenant of Artorias. This ring makes it possible to traverse the Abyss and must be equipped throughout the fight.
As far as strategy is concerned, the ability to dish out heavy damage quickly is key and that is where our fire washing pole comes in, along with a quick dose of Power Within.
Once in the Abyss, spin the camera to spot the spawn point for the first king and run in for the kill. Other kings will spawn one after the other after a set amount of time. Therefore it is important to finish each one before the next one appears.
The fight is quite doable one-on-one but much more difficult with multiple kings on screen. Make sure you are in close even if you plan to use ranged attacks. The kings have a nasty unblockable, slow, projectile attack that hits for massive damage.
The king’s sword swings can be evaded with quick rolls to the side. Avoid too many frontal attacks or face a grab attack that is pretty strong. Continue to circle or roll clockwise, evade the swing attacks and counter with your own. Repeat the process 4 times and the 4 kings are history.
Other Strategies
Ranged or melee does not matter as long as your attacks can do heavy damage, and as long as you stay close to the kings. They are sensitive to fire so pyromaniacs with an upgraded flame and great combustion should have little trouble. Bring plenty of Estus flasks. You can heal even at close range or while waiting for the next king to spawn.

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