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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Stray Demon

July 6, 2012

Here is the video once we get back to Northern Undead Asyum to extract some revenge from the Stray Demom.
Washing Pole Strategy
Upon your return to the game’s starting area, you will face the Stray Demon, a stronger version of the Asylum Demon with explosive attacks. This time around his swings create powerful AOEs that can stun you and leave you vulnerable to a follow up hammer or butt smash.
I use a lightning version of the washing pole for this fight. I particularly like the vertical reach from a normal 2H attack, that allows you to hit the boss as he lifts for a butt smash. You can also do bleed damage with the pole.
The strategy is straightforward but not easy to execute. You must get to the Stray Demon’s back. Roll away from his projectile attacks and then rush in for some damage. Only heal if you are safely behind him and while he is recovering from a miss. He has a a fair amount of health so be prepared to hit him several times.
Other Strategies
You will lose half your life bar dropping onto the play area. Do not heal but rather immediately try to get to a safe spot. Then recharge your life. Otherwise, you may eat an hammer blow while healing. Ranged attacks work very well once you are situated in the safe, sweet spot around his back.

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