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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Centipede Demon

August 9, 2012

In this video, we face the Centipede Demon in the Demon Ruins.

Washing Pole Strategy
This fight is made more difficult by the terrain. You have only a limited area, free of the deadly lava, from which to fight the Centipede Demon. The key is to move to the area next to the fog door opening up a bit more ground for the fight. The boss will initially fire his arm at you. It can be dodged with rolls. Eventually, he will come close to you and try a series of stomps and swipes. You can attack his arm and ultimately chop it off. However, it will reanimate and attack you independently but it can be “killed” with only a few more strikes. Once the Centipede Demon is on top of you, hack at his legs with a strong weapon (but note he is immune to fire). The washing pole’s range will help make the most of every attack.

Other Strategies
Ranged attacks are possible at the start of the fight after evading his arm grabs. Once he is close up, you can attack and heal since he gives you ample time in between attacks. Make sure your armor, shield and vitality are high to avoid one-hit-kills. Iron Flesh makes this an easy fight with a strong melee weapon. The Centipede Demon drops the Orange Charred Ring, which negates most of the damage from walking on lava.

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