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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Dark Sun Gwyndolin

August 9, 2012

Here is the video for the optional boss fight against Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

Washing Pole Strategy
Dark Sun Gwyndolin rates high on the frustration meter. The fight takes places in an endless corridor. Dark Sun will rain arrows and magic projectile attacks. They can be blocked by hiding in the alcove pillars or evaded with a roll. The most dangerous attack is a large and fast magic ball projectile that cannot be blocked but can be evaded with a timely roll. The frustration results from finally plodding to within striking distance of Dark Sun only to have him teleport away before you can attack him. A weapon with extended range like the washing pole will help score a precious hit while there is time. Make sure you go into the fight with enough stamina to evade the attacks and reach Dark Sun. A high stability magic shield and strong armor are also helpful. Move in a zigzag path to avoid Gwyndolin’s attacks and take advantage of the wall alcoves.

Other Strategies
Ranged attacks can also help you damage Dark Sun before he teleports away but they should be fast casting or fast deploying. Stamina management is key since you will be running, blocking and evading on your way to Dark Sun. You must equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring to open the area for the boss fight (see the PIP window for its location). Your reward for defeating Dark Sun Gwyndolin is the incredibly powerful Sunlight Blade. This miracle is a staple of strong faith builds for boss fights or PVP.

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