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Dark Souls PC – How Access The New Content (Artorias expansion pack areas)

September 15, 2012

Here is the HQ video with the detailed walkthrough to open the portal to the first bonfire in Sanctuary Garden.

The PC version of the game includes the Artorias expansion areas (Sanctuary Garden, Royal Woods, Oolacile Township, and the Chasm of the Abyss).  The video starts at the lake in Darkroot Basin after the Hydra mini-boss fight.  Other pre-requisites are to have defeated Smough and Ornstein in Anor Londo and to have placed the Lordvessel to unlock the Duke’s Archives.

The process is a little convoluted, in true Dark Souls style.  First, you must break free Dusk from her prison inside a Crystal Golem.  You may have to reload the game or go to a bonfire and return to make the golem appear.  Then, you must talk to Dusk and answer YES to all her dialogue challenge questions.  Now, find her summons sign and again talk to her.

You are ready to warp to Anor Londo and proceed to the Duke’s Archives.  After defeating the armored boars, take the elevator to the ante-chamber.  You will have to fight several crystallized enemies that may also be buffed by a sorcerer.  To the right of the ante-chamber, you will see a large blue Golem.  This is a new enemy and our target.  Once you defeat him, the Broken Pendant will be added to your inventory.  There is no drop to pick up.

We are finally ready for the portal.  Return to the Hydra lake.  If you did not rest at a bonfire, you can use a Homeward Bone or Homeward miracle to get you close.  Otherwise, warp to Firelink Shrine and walk back to the lake.  Near the area where you fought the Crystal Golem and freed Dusk, you will see a fuzzy cloudy round portal.  To its side, you can pick Dusk’s armor, including the Crown of Dusk which will increase magic damage by 20% but reduce magic defense by 30%.

Walk up to the portal and examine it.  The hand of Manus will take you into the past of long lost Oolacile where you can experience the new content.  You will face an immediate boss fight with the Sanctuary Guardian.  Oolacile’s enemies are pretty strong and high magic defense will help.  The Crest, Grass Crest and Round Warrior’s shields are good options.  You may need a very high stability shield for the boss fights.  I recommend the Eagle shield, due its high magic defense,  stability, and low requirements.  It no longer blocks 100% physical damage but your character should be pretty strong by this point in the game and the small amount of damage taken should not be an issue.

If you need help with the new content, check out my videos for tips, secret areas, walkthroughs and boss fights.  Good luck!


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