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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Pinwheel Boss Fight

June 28, 2012

Here is the video for the Pinwheel boss fight with a Fire Washing Pole +1.

Strategy for Washing Pole

This is one of the easiest boss fights in the game provided you have some decent magic defense (armor, shield or both).  The most difficult part of the fight is to actually get to the fog door.  Pinwheel is down in the Catacombs, defended by a slew of undead skeletons and necromancers.

I always try to take on Pinwheel after making a fire weapon.  You must run past the skeletons wheels, who can quickly overwhelm you with their spinning attacks, even with a high level character.

Pinhweel will make clones of himself.  The clones do not take damage, unlike the real Pinwheel.  He is the first one that spawns so keep your eye on him as he jumps and blinks about the level.  A washing pole’s impressive range will help quickly strike at the boss.  With a fire version, the fight should not take very long.

Pinwheel will drop one of 3 masks that can buff endurance (Father), vitality (Mother) or stamina regeneration (Child).  They are amongst the best drops in the game and quite useful for any build.  You will also be able to kindle fires to receive up to 20 Estus flasks after the boss fight.

Other strategies

Any strong weapon will make mincemeat out of Pinwheel.  His magic attacks are powerful but very slow.  You should not have any issues if you equip the Stone Set armor or the Crest shied.

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