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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Bed of Chaos

August 9, 2012

In this video, we suffer through the most annoying boss fight in the game and defeat the Bed of Chaos.

Washing Pole Strategy
The strategy will be the same regardless of which weapon you use. The Bed of Chaos is mostly an exercise in patience and a test of your evasion skills. You must first reach the glowing roots at either side of the tree, in the areas surrounded by a spherical glowing field. On your way, you must evade swipe attacks from branch-like tree tentacles, and pick your way through the falling floor. Thankfully, once destroyed, the roots will not re-spawn if you are killed. This is the only boss fight in the game where your progress is saved. After striking the second root, the floor at the center of the playfield will collapse revealing a tree branch leading to the heart of the tree. The tentacles attacks and AOE’s will increase after each root is finished off. Make your way to the edge in front of the tree and roll or jump onto the branch. You must do so slightly off-center since the branch curves but its shape is hidden from view until you are at the very edge. Quickly climb up the root, hack your way to the center of the tree and take out the puny looking Bed of Chaos.

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