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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Gravelord Nito

August 10, 2012

Here is the video for the boss fight with Gravelord Nito in the Tomb of the Giants.

Washing Pole Strategy
Gravelord Nito is sensitive to fire so we will take him on with the fire washing pole. Nito can be a rather tough boss fight if you choose to rush in with frontal attacks. He has quite a bit of vitality, strong melee swipes and grabs, and a ranged Gravelord summon magical attack. What makes him particularly dangerous is his ability to summon undead skeletons. If you have a melee tank build with plenty of Estus flasks, you can go toe-to-toe with him, as shown in the video. His attacks will damage the skeletons and render them irrelevant. If you are susceptible to a one-hit-kill, then you need to deal with the skeletons and avoid Nito’s attacks. The shockwave in particular is quite deadly. Immediately run away to safety when you see the starting animation for this attack.

Other Strategies
Players who favor ranged attacks should first dispatch all of the skeletons with a divine weapon. Then, you can pick off Nito from a distance (but watch out for his Gravelord summon). Pyromancers can park themselves in front of Nito, cast Iron Flesh and Great Combustion and heal as needed. Faith builds can use their strongest divine weapon on the skeletons and follow up with ranged miracles or by buffing a normal weapon with Sunlight Blade.

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