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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

August 10, 2012

There is only one boss left to fight, Gwyn, Lord of Cinder in the Kiln of Flame. Here is the video. Let’s rock ‘n roll!

Washing Pole Strategy
By now you should have a favorite strategy and more or less a go-to gameplay style. Lord Gwyn can be defeated with melee, pyromancies, magic or miracles. The key to this fight is healing at the correct time and managing your stamina. A good melee strategy with the washing pole involves mixing parries and ripostes, with side attacks when you are given the chance. Heal only after you have riposted Gwyn or after he loses his balance from a failed grab attack. He can chain together several attacks, stun you and then grab you. This combo can kill you at any time if your vitality is too low. The range of the washing pole is critical for landing side shots when given the chance. Watch your stamina since you will be doing a lot of blocking and dodging. Use the pillars to gain time for healing or refilling your stamina bar.

Other Strategies
If you favor a parry and riposte style, you can do a lot of damage with the Hornet Ring equipped. However, Gwyn’s attacks have slightly different animations and timings for the parry. You will have to memorize them to land a parry. This strategy can help you finish the fight quickly and with little damage taken. If he is just too fast for you, put on your strongest fire armor and weapon, cast Iron Flesh and go toe-to-toe with him. You can cast the pyromancy as soon as you walk through the fog door or after a riposte. You can also try the parry strategy with Iron Flesh on you. All builds should consider the Black Knight Shield for its high stability and fire defense.
After the fight, take a moment to yourself. Congratulations, you have beaten one of the most difficult games ever. Now, prepare to die all over again in NG+.

  1. I’ll have to try my upgraded washing pole–haven’t used it much. Great video!

  2. If you are going to use the WP in NG+, I would make a strength build, upgrade via the normal path and use Sunlight Blade or Crystal Magic Weapon (plus Power Within if you have lots of vitality).

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