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Dark Souls PC Boss Fights – Sanctuary Guardian

August 25, 2012

Here is the video for the first boss fight in the new content in Dark Souls PC.

I apologize.  I got excited and accidentally nudged my tripod making the screen a bit crooked but I did not realize it until later. This is a heck of a fight.  Think Gargoyle + Siff + Armored Boar + Lord Gwyn.  The Guardian has melee, ranged, flying, spinning and dashing attacks.  They can do physical and magical damage, and the tail can poison you.  Like the Gwyn fight, stamina management is important, as well as finding a good time to heal.

My equipment is a +10 Fire Washing Pole, +7 Grass Crest Shield, Havel’s Ring and the Ring of Favor and Protection. My level was 57.  I gave up on the Dark Wood Grain Ring since it is now severely nerfed.  You will not be able to flip unless your equipment load is 25% or less.  This makes the game harder since you cannot combine the ring with heavy armor.

Because this boss eats your stamina like candy, I recommend you either use ranged attacks with quick evades, or, poke at him with your strongest weapon.  He is very quick and difficult to hit.  A good time to heal is when he circles and measures you, or after evading his wind push attack created by his wings.  Do not try to go toe-to-toe unless you have massive defense, stamina and can deal a lot of power.  Rolling under his attacks is not a good option either.

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