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Dark Souls PC – Knight Artorias

August 27, 2012

In this video we take on Knight Artorias, the second new boss in the extended content for Dark Souls PC.

It is a good thing that Artorias only has one arm. He would be a tremendous nightmare of a fight with two arms, assuming his attacks would do more damage. As it is, you cannot get hit more than once prior to healing. He has 2 and 3 attacks combos, and if it feels like he can chain multiple attacks because of his very short recovery time.

His most potent attacks include a very rangy jumping, rolling smash with his sword. If he connects, he will follow up with two quick smashes that are very difficult to evade. He also has a sword thrust that requires a lot of stamina to block. Make sure your shield is as stable as possible and mind your stamina bar. After blocking and when safe, put your shield down to replenish stamina quickly.

When evading his attacks, roll to the side and not back or front, as he will always connect in the area in front of him. Do not let your stamina or your vitality fall below 50%. Back away after you score a hit. Finally, watch his range. He can hit you from very far away.

Because evasion is the key to this fight, I used the newly nerfed Dark Wood Grain Ring with equipment under 25% of load. I also used a Lightning Gargoyle Halberd +5 and a Grass Crest Shield +14. The shield is not as stable as others but I wanted the stamina regeneration buff.

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