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Dark Souls PC – Kalameet and Gough (the Obsidian Greatsword)

September 4, 2012

I took advantage of the long weekend to get more intimate with Dark Souls PC.  I am starting my fourth playthrough of the new content and I am finally feeling comfortable with the boss fights.  I will be posting my thoughts on different builds and weapons over the next few days.  Dark Souls PC is definitely harder with the equipment tweaks.  But the new content is tremendous.

Here is the video for the Kalameet story arch (including the tail cut and boss fight).

Your playstyle will dictate how you decide to tackle Kalameet but I tend to rely on the following tactics:

– Use a very stable shield.  The Eagle Shield is perfect for this boss fight because it also has high magic resistance.  A maxed out Crest Shield may work but a large shield is better.  Careful with the Balder Shield and Black Knight Shields.  They are stable but have very low magic resistance, and are good options only if you can get the timing right for completely evading  Kalameet’s magic attacks.

– If you are going for the tail cut, be extremely patient.  Learn from my mistakes in the video.  He will only drop his tail on two of his attacks.  You need to be ready for the opening and chop with a strong weapon.

– The most difficult part of the boss fight is to learn how to dodge the arching dark magic breath attack.  He will run past you and then spray dark magic in a semicircular pattern as he swings his neck.  As soon as you recognize this attack, back away or break lock and run back.  If you are close, quickly roll and circle left and you should be safe.  If you evade the attack, this is a great opportunity to heal.

– Your stamina will be sapped by either the constant rolling or blocking.  You will also get hit.  I recommend a minimum of 30 Vitality and 30 Endurance for this boss fight.

– Stay close to him and eventually you will be able to attack him.  It is also possible to get underneath him and score some hits.

– Kalameet went down quickly with the Obsidian Greatsword.  It does a flat 480 physical damage with no stat multipliers.  Any weapon that can do about this much physical damage should take large chunks off his life bar.


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