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Darks Souls PC – HQ Videos Coming (Finally!)

September 6, 2012

If you have been watching some of the my Dark Souls PC videos in my Youtube channel, you may have noticed the video quality of the newer videos is not as good as before.  This has to do with playing the game on a PC vs the PS3.  I just don’t have the same setup for the PC and my camera has been running crazy with the autofocus.

Well, the problem has been fixed.  So, enjoy the higher quality videos from now on.  I will be posting all of the new equipment and armor in the additional content as well as re-shooting the walkthroughs and boss fights.

When the DLC comes out for the PS3, I will switch back to my old setup but with the better camera which should allow for even better quality videos.

I am also going to take this opportunity to talk about the graphics in Dark Souls PC.  The resolution is only marginally better out-of-the-box.  However, it can be improved significantly by downloading mods.  There are now several available.  You can pick and choose based on your graphics card and resulting performance.  I am using one of the first ones available.  Other than adding some very minor artifacts during the game start screen, it works perfectly.  Details, highlights and shadows are much improved at 1920 X 1080.

I did not run into any issues with this mod but, it is a mod after all, so install at your own risk and make sure you scan the file prior to running it.

Here is the link.


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