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Dark Souls Washing Pole – Bed of Chaos

In this video, we suffer through the most annoying boss fight in the game and defeat the Bed of Chaos.

Washing Pole Strategy
The strategy will be the same regardless of which weapon you use. The Bed of Chaos is mostly an exercise in patience and a test of your evasion skills. You must first reach the glowing roots at either side of the tree, in the areas surrounded by a spherical glowing field. On your way, you must evade swipe attacks from branch-like tree tentacles, and pick your way through the falling floor. Thankfully, once destroyed, the roots will not re-spawn if you are killed. This is the only boss fight in the game where your progress is saved. After striking the second root, the floor at the center of the playfield will collapse revealing a tree branch leading to the heart of the tree. The tentacles attacks and AOE’s will increase after each root is finished off. Make your way to the edge in front of the tree and roll or jump onto the branch. You must do so slightly off-center since the branch curves but its shape is hidden from view until you are at the very edge. Quickly climb up the root, hack your way to the center of the tree and take out the puny looking Bed of Chaos.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Here is the video for the optional boss fight against Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

Washing Pole Strategy
Dark Sun Gwyndolin rates high on the frustration meter. The fight takes places in an endless corridor. Dark Sun will rain arrows and magic projectile attacks. They can be blocked by hiding in the alcove pillars or evaded with a roll. The most dangerous attack is a large and fast magic ball projectile that cannot be blocked but can be evaded with a timely roll. The frustration results from finally plodding to within striking distance of Dark Sun only to have him teleport away before you can attack him. A weapon with extended range like the washing pole will help score a precious hit while there is time. Make sure you go into the fight with enough stamina to evade the attacks and reach Dark Sun. A high stability magic shield and strong armor are also helpful. Move in a zigzag path to avoid Gwyndolin’s attacks and take advantage of the wall alcoves.

Other Strategies
Ranged attacks can also help you damage Dark Sun before he teleports away but they should be fast casting or fast deploying. Stamina management is key since you will be running, blocking and evading on your way to Dark Sun. You must equip the Darkmoon Seance Ring to open the area for the boss fight (see the PIP window for its location). Your reward for defeating Dark Sun Gwyndolin is the incredibly powerful Sunlight Blade. This miracle is a staple of strong faith builds for boss fights or PVP.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Centipede Demon

In this video, we face the Centipede Demon in the Demon Ruins.

Washing Pole Strategy
This fight is made more difficult by the terrain. You have only a limited area, free of the deadly lava, from which to fight the Centipede Demon. The key is to move to the area next to the fog door opening up a bit more ground for the fight. The boss will initially fire his arm at you. It can be dodged with rolls. Eventually, he will come close to you and try a series of stomps and swipes. You can attack his arm and ultimately chop it off. However, it will reanimate and attack you independently but it can be “killed” with only a few more strikes. Once the Centipede Demon is on top of you, hack at his legs with a strong weapon (but note he is immune to fire). The washing pole’s range will help make the most of every attack.

Other Strategies
Ranged attacks are possible at the start of the fight after evading his arm grabs. Once he is close up, you can attack and heal since he gives you ample time in between attacks. Make sure your armor, shield and vitality are high to avoid one-hit-kills. Iron Flesh makes this an easy fight with a strong melee weapon. The Centipede Demon drops the Orange Charred Ring, which negates most of the damage from walking on lava.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Demon Firesage

Here is the video for the boss fight with the Demon Firesage, the last iteration of the Asylum Demon.

Washing Pole Strategy
This boss can be beaten with the same strategy we used on the Stray Demon. Get close to him, bait a stomp attack and maneuver to his backside. With his back to you, you can avoid the Demon’s AOE magic attacks, which are quite powerful. He has extremely good range with his weapon. Be careful as you approach him head on. He takes both fire and lightning damage, although you would think he is inmune to fire based on his name and the fire blanket surrounding him. Two handed attacks with the washing pole will help you take him down quickly. Also, be aware of your surroundings. The rectangular play area is littered by trees and branches that can trap you or prevent you from circling him.

Other Strategies
Ranged attacks work well once his back is to you. Do not launch projectile attacks while facing him because he can strike you from very far away with his hammer, and you will risk damage from his AOE attack. You may be able to use a tree or branch as cover. He may even get stuck in such a location, making him an easy prey to ranged attacks.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Stray Demon

Here is the video once we get back to Northern Undead Asyum to extract some revenge from the Stray Demom.
Washing Pole Strategy
Upon your return to the game’s starting area, you will face the Stray Demon, a stronger version of the Asylum Demon with explosive attacks. This time around his swings create powerful AOEs that can stun you and leave you vulnerable to a follow up hammer or butt smash.
I use a lightning version of the washing pole for this fight. I particularly like the vertical reach from a normal 2H attack, that allows you to hit the boss as he lifts for a butt smash. You can also do bleed damage with the pole.
The strategy is straightforward but not easy to execute. You must get to the Stray Demon’s back. Roll away from his projectile attacks and then rush in for some damage. Only heal if you are safely behind him and while he is recovering from a miss. He has a a fair amount of health so be prepared to hit him several times.
Other Strategies
You will lose half your life bar dropping onto the play area. Do not heal but rather immediately try to get to a safe spot. Then recharge your life. Otherwise, you may eat an hammer blow while healing. Ranged attacks work very well once you are situated in the safe, sweet spot around his back.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Four Kings

Here is the video where we face the 4 Kings of New Londo Ruins.
Washing Pole Strategy
You want to go into this fight as well equipped as possible:
Fire weapon (Fire Washing Pole +10) – check
Magic resist shield (Grass Crest or Crest Shield) – check
Magic resist armor (Anitiquated or Havel’s set) – check
Ring #1 Dark Wood Grain Ring – check
Ring #2 Covenant of Artorias – check?????
That is correct. Those wonderful people over at From Software have decided to handicap the fight by forcing you to wear the ring of the Covenant of Artorias. This ring makes it possible to traverse the Abyss and must be equipped throughout the fight.
As far as strategy is concerned, the ability to dish out heavy damage quickly is key and that is where our fire washing pole comes in, along with a quick dose of Power Within.
Once in the Abyss, spin the camera to spot the spawn point for the first king and run in for the kill. Other kings will spawn one after the other after a set amount of time. Therefore it is important to finish each one before the next one appears.
The fight is quite doable one-on-one but much more difficult with multiple kings on screen. Make sure you are in close even if you plan to use ranged attacks. The kings have a nasty unblockable, slow, projectile attack that hits for massive damage.
The king’s sword swings can be evaded with quick rolls to the side. Avoid too many frontal attacks or face a grab attack that is pretty strong. Continue to circle or roll clockwise, evade the swing attacks and counter with your own. Repeat the process 4 times and the 4 kings are history.
Other Strategies
Ranged or melee does not matter as long as your attacks can do heavy damage, and as long as you stay close to the kings. They are sensitive to fire so pyromaniacs with an upgraded flame and great combustion should have little trouble. Bring plenty of Estus flasks. You can heal even at close range or while waiting for the next king to spawn.

Dak Souls Washing Pole – Hydra (Darkroot Garden and Ash Lake)

While technically a mini-boss, the hydra encounters are challenging enough to deserve a closer look.  Here is the video.
Washing Pole Strategy
The washing pole’s large strike area and range with a one-handed running attack are tailor-made for the hydra. You will first fight this beast in Darkroot Garden and will need to get up close. Otherwise, the hydra will lob very powerful and fast jets of water that have ridiculous range. Run forward and roll underneath the water attacks.
Once you get close enough, the hydra will switch to biting attacks with its heads. But don’t get too cozy. The hydra lies in a partially hidden cliff. If you venture too close, you will fall to your death. From a safe position away from the edge, hold up your shield, wait for an attack and then chop down the heads one by one. Some will hit far away from you, so you will have to exploit the washing pole’s one-handed running attack. Make sure you are wearing the Rusted Iron ring to move quickly in the water or you will have a tougher time chasing down the heads.
Upon its death, the hydra drops a powerful risk-reward item. The Dusk Crown Ring can double the amount of sorceries you can cast but at the cost of half your lifebar! It offsets the sorcery reduction effect of the Tin Crystallization Catalyst, if you favor crazy powerful but weak mages.
The second encounter with the hydra is in Ash Lake. The fight is very similar. This time the heads have more hit points and their attacks do more damage, but there is no movement penalty because of the shallow water close to the hydra. Mind the cliff edge and use the exact same strategy as before. Your reward will be 2 measly Dragon Scales.
Other Strategies
You can cheese the first hydra from various locations with lots of arrows. Find a spot that will block the water jets and get ready to launch a ton of volleys. There is a ladder by the waterfall that will lead you up to safe ground for arrow kiting. You can also switch to lobbing projectiles after chopping down a few heads but melee really is the fastest way to go. Combustion or great combustion work great for searing off the heads because of the fast cast time.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Seath The Scaless Boss Fight

In this video, we are trying not to lose our patience while attempting to chop off the tail of that SOB Seath.
Washing Pole Strategy
The quick strike ability of the washing pole is of paramount importance, along with its extended range on running attacks. It almost helps us keep our cool during, what has to be, the most annoying fight in Dark Souls, and a bit of a letdown boss encounter really.
First things firts. You must break the crystal shard in the back of the cave before Seath will take damage. He will be momentarily paralyzed after doing so. This is your chance to run to his middle tail (he has 3) and try to chop off the tip.
Your reward will be the Moonlight Greatsword, an excellent weapon for pure magic builds or spellswords. This weapon does all of its damage as magic. More importantly, it scales with intelligence at the highest possible rate after upgrading it to +1 with dragon scale. If you miss the drop, do not despair. The Magic Claymore weighs the same and has a higher damage rating because of its added physical damage output. By the way, to get the just about the most out of the Moonlight Sword, get your intelligence to 50. You will be able to cast every sorcery in the game, and the damage rating for the Moonligth Sword will be 480, which is ~93% of its potential rating with maxed out stats.
Enough about the sword; let’s get back to the business at hand which is terminating that gosh darn dragon. The annoying part of the fight is his continuous circling to prevent you from reaching his center tail. His smaller outside tails point straight out to the sides and are amazingly effective at keeping you from getting to the big tail and your prize. Be patient and try to keep up with him by lowering your equipment load or using the Dark Wood Grain Ring.
Once you have reached the center tail, nip at the tip once or twice and then get ready to run away, as Seath goes into a frenzied bout of ground stomps with all 3 tails. Repeat until you get the drop (watch the video to learn how).
If you are not interested in the sword, you still want to run around and take shots at his tail. If you proceed with this tactic, Seath will never unleash his dragon breath attack which can curse you and covers a very large section of the play area. He is very easy to kill with this method if you have a strong, highly upgraded weapon (you should by this time).
Other Strategies
Stick to lightning or fire, as he is more sensitive to these elementals than magic. Throwing a fireball may help you with the tail cut, as you do not have to be right on top of him. As long as you run around near the tip of his small tail, you won’t have to worry about any attacks and this will be an easy but disappointing fight.

Dark Souls Washing Pole – Moonlight Butterfly

Here is the video for the boss fight with the Moonlight Butterfly in Darkroot Garden.
Washing Pole Strategy
This is an optional boss fight that can be skipped completely or delayed until later in the game. The boss drops the Basement Tower Key and the Divine Ember. If you have the Master Key and are not interested in making divine weapons in early game, this boss encounter can be delayed until you are ready to take on Sif.
The butterfly attacks with ranged magical attacks. Make sure you equip a shield and armor with high magic resist. You will have to evade her attacks, which include quick ray-like shards of magic, a sustained beam attack, and a magic ball that has tracking. This last attack is the most dangerous, but thankfully they can all be easily evaded by rolling or simply running away when the attack starts.
After several rounds of attacks, the butterfly will finally land on the bridge to soak up recharging dew from the flowers. This is your chance to hack it down with the washing pole.
Other Strategies
Lightning can be used on your weapon to exploit the butterfly’s elemental weakness. Make sure you wait until she lands or is about to land before you buff. Otherwise, you may waste the effect waiting for her to get within attack range.
Ranged pyromancies and sorceries work well while the butterfly floats about the bridge.
The fog door can be used to block the boss attacks. Periodically, the butterfly may circle back to the opposite side of the bridge (the side with the fog door). You can position the door between you and the boss, and let it absorb incoming attacks.

Great Grey Wolf Sif Boss Fight

Here is the video of this sad, sad boss fight.

Washing Pole Strategy

This boss fight pulls at your heart strings.  Sif is such a cute looking puppy.  Why do we have to kill him? Why, I ask?  Well, the reason is simple.  We need him to drop the ring of the Covenant of Artorias to progress through the game.  Come here, puppy!

This canine is quite the swashbuckler.  His attacks are fast and he likes to jump away to avoid a counter.  His double sword swing is especially deadly and unblockable.  You need to roll pass his swing attacks and get underneath him.  Do as much damage as you can before he jumps away.

The extra horizontal and vertical reach of the washing pole are extremely helpful for this fight.  As his health dwindles, Sif will slow down both in movement and attack speed.  Eventually he will limp towards you when he is almost dead.  Wipe the tears from your eyes and put this dog down and out of his misery.

Other Strategies

He is weak to fire.  Lob fireballs at him when he is away.  If you happen to get underneath him, use combustion or great combustion for a quick kill.  You will need lots of healing items so make sure you are prepared before approaching the giant sword that marks the grave.